Traws-Newid Community Company

Traws-Newid is a Community Company that has been established in the village to assist the economic, environmental and social development of the community. Membership is open to all individuals over the age of 18 and who reside within the community. There are currently 108 members. In association with the Community Council the Company is actively engaged in seeking grant assistance to provide funding for improvement schemes that have been valued at approximately £5m.

If you have an idea that you wish to pursue or require further information why not contact The Manager, Traws-Newid on
(01766) 540 400

Snowdonia National Park Award Winning Community Garden, which is part of the Traws-Newid / Community Council Regeneration Strategy.

Llys Ednowain


Trawsfynydd has a range of accommodate to suit all tastes and budgets


Llys Ednowain